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New Years in Pacific City 2011

Our tradition of spending New Years at the coast, began in 2006. In that amount of time, we’d only missed one - due to weather and a very sick dog. And then came 2020. What an insane year, right? We’ve decided to "do the right thing" and stay home this year. We’ll miss the camaraderie and the wonderous Pacific City beach. Next year……..

This particular trip was the first without Jeff R – he and Lisa separated months prior to this excursion. Consequently, Lisa was a bit quiet at first. But on New Year’s Eve, she finally let loose. She was in good company, as you’ll see. Also, Pat’s brother Dave, had begun staying with us part time at the Hollow. As he had no plans for the holiday, he joined us for the first of many annual celebrations.

The pics are mostly of people and dogs and were taken with a point and shoot camera. The dslr came into my life a few months later. The musical theme was something I’d come up with while working on Pat’s fourth (and still unfinished) art video. I reworked it and added some stuff for this project. Can music be melancholic and funny at the same time? Maybe so.

If this sort of thing tickles you, there are three other New Years at Pacific City videos. Here are the links:



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