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Pacific City New Year’s 2014

More often then not, a group of us head over to Pacific City to celebrate the ringing in of the New Year. PC holds a dear place in my heart because my grandparents had a place there from 1959 – 1970 ish. It is my center; my vortex. Luckily, my Stevenson family has adopted it as also “their place”; for that I am grateful. We are at the same house as the year before (captured in a previous video posted back in January 2018). Once again, we were served some beautiful weather. It should also be noted that all the dogs in the video are now gone. If there is a heaven, for dogs it would be a beach. RIP to all our best friends.

This particular - 7th annual - trip turned out to be quite special. No spoilers here, but some of you may want some Kleenex close by as you watch a group of very good friends navigate a tragic event. The FDA censored out photographic evidence of the copious amounts of alcohol required to steady our ship, and has asked that my small – but loyal – audience be reassured of our recovery, so here it is: We left PC in every bit as stable condition as when we arrived…

Liner Notes: The vid is nearly 10 minutes long, and believe it or not, I cut the final day off because it seemed so anticlimactic after the incredulous sunset captured on the day before. The pics were taken with both the dslr and the point and shoot cameras. I wrote and recorded the music as I put the video together. The music is appropriately sad (which has become a specialty of sorts???). I do hope you enjoy…


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