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The Art of Pat Hood at the Bon Marche

Both Pat and I worked for the Bon Marché for a very long time. In fact, she hired me to be part of her visual crew way back in Eugene, Or. Fast forward to 1984 and during the Bellevue Square store opening, there was a need for some artwork in various locations, so she stepped up and painted 4 large pieces. They were created for very specific locations, so there were size, color and feel requirements. And the rest – as they say – is history. After she left her position at the Bon in 1995, they contacted her on several occasions for new pieces in new store openings, as well as for various remodels. The last of these were for the Redmond, WA store in 2003. Most of the art she created for the Bon Marché during this period is represented in the video.

Various photographers are responsible for most of the pics. Once again, I tried to stay out of the way with the music. And like her last video, there were many iterations of the final piece of music. By the way, if you missed the previous video of her shows at the Fountainhead Gallery in Seattle, you can watch it here:



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