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Shippy Hollow

Shippy Hollow is the place we've called home since moving here to Stevenson, WA from Seattle in 1997. It got it's name from Pat's grandparents - Floyd & Hazel Shippy - who lived in the home for 60 years prior to their deaths in the middle 90's. When Pat & I moved here, we thought we'd be hermits in a small town. We quickly discovered that this place is full of like-minded and wonderfully bent people. Probably because of the Hollow's proximity to the greater downtown area of Stevenson, it became a gathering spot for many of the aforementioned crazies. 

I began thinking about doing a site like this about a year ago when I purchased a new Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and started composing music again (after a hiatus of nearly 20 years). The thought of combining my music with my glorified snaphots was finally realized when I switched computer platforms to a Mac and bought a video editing program called Final Cut Pro X in March 2016. The videos will be collections of pics from a particular event (or, yes, vacations at the beach with the wife & kids). My intent is that the music will be composed specifically for each video.

Now that Pat & I are "semi-retired" from our design business (Rock Cove Design), there will be some time available to work on these things. I do hope you enjoy. And as most of you reading this are part of the Stevenson Clan, thank you for being part of our family. You mean the world to us. 

Jeff Carlson & Pat Hood

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