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New Year’s 2013 in Pacific City

Pacific City is my “special place”. Besides Shippy Hollow, there is no where I feel more at peace. My love for this place goes back to my childhood; my grandparents had a place there (1959-1970) and most of our family vacations were spent at “Sandcastle”. Somehow, I cajoled the gang into spending New Year’s there in 2006, and we’ve been going yearly ever since. In fact, we just returned from the 12th annual trip two days ago. Anyway, this video depicts the 6th Annual event (Dec 2012 – Jan 2013). Truth be told, during this visit we were staying at a house called La Playa Luna, which is actually located in Tierra Del Mar, just a smidge north of Pacific City. Very sadly, all of the dogs in these pics have since departed us.

At nine and a half minutes, this video is a commitment in (at least) time - my apologies for its longitude. As usual, it is meant to be heard with real speakers or headphones.

Liner notes: Fittingly, no one remembers what the laughter at the beginning of the video was all about; we hadn’t even unpacked yet. The PVC “guns” aimed at Dave later that same day were our Xmas presents from Lisa: Marshmallow Shooters. No Daves were hurt in the making of this video; we couldn’t even hit him (maybe if we just got closer…). Oh - and the dogs loved those things. The “surprise” on New Year’s Eve was truly that: a surprise. These people arrived out of nowhere and disappeared just as quickly. The pics are mostly in chronological order and were taken with the dslr (a few years before I dropped and damaged it). I’m kinda proud of the music in this video; it was written very specifically for this project while I was piecing the video together - beginning with the Laughing Ladies theme at the open and then everything else is basically a variation on that theme (either melodically or harmonically). I started it in the days before leaving on our trip last week, and finished it yesterday, so it all came together rather quickly.


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