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Pat and I really don’t get excited about dressing up for Halloween. But very clearly, most of our friends certainly do! And as I was putting together the Heart of Shippy Hollow video back in December, I realized that there were “lotsa” pics from Halloween events, so… I started thinking about doing this vid. And after the previous epic, I thought it appropriate to keep this one brief (three and a half minutes – you’re welcome). As we really don’t do organized parties at Shippy Hollow (they usually just tended to happen), most of these pics were actually precursors to local events where the music was provided by the Love Skunks. Ah – the Love Skunks – now that’s another story for another video at another time. Stay tuned….

Liner Notes: These pics span about 2004 to 2014, and were taken by whomever had possession of my point and shoot camera. The music is stuff I had written and recorded in the early 90’s –again, no one ever heard any of it – and re-recorded with all the new gear. I did the organ piece specifically for this video, and the second tune is something that I had redone in October 2017.


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