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The Heart of Shippy Hollow

People are the heart of Shippy Hollow plain and simple. I’ve attempted to explain some of the reasons why people tend to congregate here in the previous video (The Soul of Shippy Hollow). But maybe it’s better to just let the mystery be. Some things are certain, however: laughter and alcohol (or is it the other way around) are always close by. Indeed, if alcohol kills your brain cells, and laughter rejuvenates them – hopefully we’ve about broken even. A couple of recent departures have caused our heart(s) some pain: Lisa, Richard & Wendy (come back) and George (WTF). For everyone: it truly has been an honor hosting this crazy party…

Liner Notes: These photos tend to correspond to the digital camera era (2002 – 2014). My apologies to folks that were here a lot prior to 2002. And my camera obsession began to diminish in about 2015, so the late comers are not represented either (Wendy C & Richard G). I’m sure there are others who didn’t make it into the video (lucky, but sorry to you as well). The music is rather happy. For some reason, I usually write sad and melancholic tunes, so I hope these make you smile.

The companion video's link: The Soul of Shippy Hollow


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