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Natty's Birthday at the Beach

For her six month birthday, we took our Goldador puppy - Natty - to the beach in Pacific City, OR. This was her first (of many, I hope) visit to the coast. As it was October, we enjoyed showery weather – but sun breaks were incredible! As many of you know, Pat had been ill for the previous many months, so this was a rather large excursion for her. We stayed close to “home” (feels like home – we’ve stayed in this particular house many times), and went down to the beach as the weather allowed. Predictably (and spoiler alert), Natty had a blast and we enjoyed watching her get her ya-ya’s out. This video begins where the last one left off, so if you haven’t watched it yet, I’d recommend you do so. (Watch it here)

Liner Notes: Most of the stills in this vid were taken with my DSLR, but some were taken with our phones. And of course, all the videos are from the phones. The video begins with a postcard to Natty's BFF, Scout, whom she met as a young puppy. Like the last Natty vid, the music was composed back in 94 / 95 for BiL Dave Hood’s “There Goes A …” series of kids movies. Again, he didn’t use any of the tunes back then so I dusted them off and re-recorded them in my new studio.


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