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It's a Girl: Natty

Let me introduce you to Natty, our Goldador puppy. Pat had wanted a puppy of this mixture (Golden Retriever and Yellow Lab) for quite some time now. And she had the name stored up for nearly as long (Natty Dread was a Bob Marley album). Natty already turns 8 months old in a few days, and she’s been a joy to watch grow up. Spoiler alert: Natty is a nut (and yes, she still chases her tail). But I’m sure she’ll be mature any day now. The video is somewhat chronological and ends with Natty and her best friend Scout - the Weimaraner (6 months older than Natty). As you will see, they play rough but their love for each other is long and true.

Liner Notes: Nearly all the pictures and videos in this video are from phones. Contributors include Pat, Dave Hood, Rich Miller, Dew Rouch, and me. The music was originally composed back in 94 / 95 for a new series of kids videos Dave was beginning to produce called “There Goes A ….”. He didn’t use any of my music for that series, so only a handful of people have ever heard any of these tunes. I thought their “charming innocence” might be appropriate for the Natty videos so I re-recorded them in Logic. For the brave souls that care to watch these things to the end, the voice is Scout’s mom – Dianna – with a prediction for Pat.


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