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Celebrating 50 Films

Strange times we are living through. Please be careful out there and follow the guidelines. Find someone with whom you can be socially close and hang on tight. Love you all.

I don’t know how this happened - I guess one thing led to another, and here we are: 50 videos. Here’s a celebratory video, recapping many of those 50 vids. It’s only 5 minutes long, so things zip by quickly. Take your seizure medicine or maybe some Dramamine and hang on. There may be some things that you haven’t even seen yet; there are 5 pages of entries in the vlog. So... root around and make some new friends – you have time now.

The only new music in this release is in the intro. Everything else is from the videos. You’d think that’d be easy, but it was surprisingly difficult finding appropriate musical excerpts at the correct length of time. To those of you that enjoy going along for the ride, thanks for the memories.


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