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Mr Funnypants

My intent was to release this on April Fool's Day and make a big deal about the "fool" aspect. But all the news of late seems to indicate a little levity is in order, so... April Fools DeMo!!!

My very good friend, Dennis Morgan, and I have had this battle – really for about as long as we’ve known one another (18 years). In fact, innocent passers-by think we are infantile and rude to one another. They are only half-right... Once, local legend George Dawson was witness to an early exchange. Dennis was teeing off on me and I was laughing at him. Out of the side of my eye, I see that George has taken it all quite seriously and was winding up to pop Dennis in the face. We stopped him before any damage was inflicted. Other then that, it’s always fun to draw others into our battle of the witless, and I suppose that’s what this video is all about.

My original idea for this video was to show images of some of our text exchanges, but – not surprisingly – they were simply too lewd. Just as this concept was percolating in the back of my mind, Dennis sent me an image that he had manipulated, and then it became an all-out war of slapstick, juvenile, pie-in-the-face memes and jokes. The Mr Funnypants video is a censored version of some of the stuff I’ve thrown his way. I suppose there is some inappropriate language in there, but know that I did try to clean it up.

Liner Notes: I attempted to keep this video short, but there are enough images to make a Mr Funnypants 2 sequel (are you following me, DeMo?)… The graphics are all courtesy of Photoshop (and years of photographic material). The music is – well – my attempt to write humorous music. All I can say is, I tried.


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