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I Am an Idiot

My close friends already know this. But I suppose this is still news to some of you. Let me explain…

I write all my music and put together my videos on a Mac. It’s a beautiful machine which I purchased partly because they are considered bullet-proof. All my recording sessions are on that box, whether they are ideas or finished songs. And, of course, I have back-up. Of course I do.

What I don’t have is the patience or perseverance to actually use my back-up drive regularly. And alas, a piece of dust wormed its way into the Mac’s hard drive, scratched the discs and created a bunch of irretrievable gobbledygook. I hadn’t backed up any new music in 2019. The videos were never backed up. Frankly, I’m not sure that I’ve even saved the tunes themselves (WAV files) to back up. They are in iTunes as WAVs, but I fear when they come back to me, they’ll be compressed.

Hence… I am an idiot. The computer is being repaired and I will get it back up and running, but it will take a while to get all the programs re-loaded. So, you’ll hear from me again someday – a little wiser and with a lot more humility. But when you see me out and about, do me a favor… Ask me if I’m current with my back-ups. Cuz I’ll still be an idiot.


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