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They can’t say they didn’t see it coming… In every case, these posers knew the camera was on them. And yet… I have hundreds and hundreds of pics like these. If there are no lawsuits, you’ll see Posers 2 & 3 videos someday. The photos are from 2003 thru this last year (2018).

For those of you that might not know all these people, there is a section of the video paying tribute to Posers we’ve lost in the past few years. May they all Rest In Peace.

The 3-and-a-half-minute video centers around a tune I wrote back in about ’95. This is my third attempt at recording it; someday maybe I’ll nail it. Anyway, the piece is very orchestral, but centers on a regular old rhythm section. I like this one… (can I say that?)

For what it’s worth, there is an earlier “music video” version of the tune on this site. I’ll probably pull that eventually, as I like this newer recording much better. The old video from 2017 was called “’Cause”.


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