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Hollowed (sic) Grounds

Alternate title: Hollow Outside – yes, these are pics of the outside of our home in “urban” Stevenson, WA. If you don’t expect much from the photography herein, you won’t be disappointed. These are just pictures that were taken for or during other events and activities that I pulled for this video. But I hope they convey the gentle spirit of the Hollow. There are some huge trees in our yard (nearly two acres) and they dictate a bit of a micro climate for us. It’s a tad warmer in the winter and somewhat cooler in the summer than at even our closest neighbors. The trade-off is it seems that we’re the only property in Stevenson without a view of the Gorge. But it was the property that really charmed us into our decision to buy the home from Pat’s grandparent’s estate after their deaths back in ’94-95.

Liner Notes: I’m not sure that the music really matches the subject matter, but of course, that was the intent when I began working on it. As I’ve explained before, the music is why I do these videos, so I do hope you enjoy it; the piece is called "For Those Before Us". Headphones/speakers are always a plus… The pics are from 2002 thru 2013 and were taken with various point & shoots and the "old" dslr. For what it's worth, the original "Hollow Inside" video (pics from the interior of our home) can be seen here.


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