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The Legend of Smokey

Based on a true story and with a screenplay adapted from the book, Legend reminds us to enjoy the souls around us during the time we have with them. Life is precious, time is short and all that… Far from a sad story, Smokey is a tale of the unknown, of adversity and ultimately of triumph.

Smokey started to hang out at the Hollow in 2002. Pat kinda took to him and he knew it. In the Spring of the following year, he went all out in trying to win our hearts. But it was a near death incident that really allowed it to happen. Somehow, Smokey had developed diabetes. In order to live, he’d need two insulin shots every day – at exactly 12 hours apart. It was almost as life altering for us as it was for him. So, the old alley cat got his way and became a “house cat”. He pretty much took over and in no time was at the helm of the Shippy Hollow steamship. Exactly 10 years to the day after he first came inside, he died. In that decade, he made friends with everyone (except the dogs) and learned what love really meant: Cheese. The dude was nuts for cheese. Absolutely, uncontrollably crazy for cheese.

I hope this video conveys at least a small portion of the character that was Smokey….

Liner Notes: The journey begins in 2002 as captured by some pretty crappy point and shoots, and ends in 2013 with some dslr pics. Everything needed to be re-edited because of the size format thing. It bears mentioning that there were hundreds of Smokey pics to choose from. I wrote and recorded the music as I put the video together. As always… headphones or speakers are a plus…


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