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Ned’s Atomic Bocce Ball League

First things first – Happy Birthday to Ned and his alter ego: Lalo Fuentes.

How many people do you know who would build a bocce court in their back yard for friends that have barely even heard of the game (I, for one, had no idea wtf he was talking about when he sprung it on us). He did, and we played. Often. Of course, any sport that includes beer is OK by me. Anyway, I took the camera to a couple of these events, snapped some pics and the rest – as they say – is a mystery.

Liner Notes: The pics are from a three year stretch 2011-2013. The silly music is something that I wrote back in 1995 for CBS’ coverage of the Rose Parade on Jan 1, 1996. To make a short story long: my good friend, Roger Senders, from the UO band days worked at CBS and was given charge of the Rose Parade coverage. The parade’s theme that year was “Kid’s Laughter and Dreams” and CBS wanted a theme song. It was to emulate the song “Kids” from “Bye-Bye Birdie” and be suitable for marching band. Roger asked me to submit some material and I came up with three pieces, but they were rejected. They ended up licensing the actual song “Kids” from the play and used it for their theme. Anyway, this is one of the three, newly arranged and recorded for Ned’s video. TMI - whoopie.


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