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Just Chillin' at the Hollow

Ahhhh. The legendary Gorge winters. We’ve seen some big ones, but the river has yet to freeze over and so far we haven’t had to tunnel out of the house. Gosh – I wonder why that would be… I guess we’re most famous for our ice storms. We’ve seen two bad ones (2005 & 2017), and they were (literally) killers. But we’ll save those pics for another time. This vid focuses on the snow events we’ve seen during 2003 thru 2014. Keeping in mind that the first digital camera entered our world in 2002, so the early stuff is not represented at all. Also recall that our house underwent a major remodel during 1998 thru 2006 (when we just plain got tired of it and quit). So… you’ll see the house in various stages here.

I suppose this video is really for all of our regular summer visitors. They’ve heard the tales, but haven’t seen the pics – until now… If you are interested and didn’t see it when I released it back in January, there is a video of snow and ice scenes from Rock Cove called Cool Neighborhood.

Liner Notes: These pics are rather ho-hum and I used various point & shoots, iPhone and DSLR cameras. I wrote the music back in the 90’s. In fact, the classical septet portion was written for a DVDRom (remember those???) project on Russia that never got off the ground. And it gets cold in Russia, right? Anyway, it was all re-arranged, re-played and re-recorded for this vid.


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