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Happy Birthday to our good, good friend Gaydi A. from Seattle. You’re not sure if you’ve met her? Then – well - you haven’t. She's not someone you’d forget. She owns the room when she enters with her bigger-than-life personality and infectious laugh. She was a frequent Shippy Hollow visitor when we first moved to Stevenson from Seattle, but we see her less often these days. When we do… it’s still all laughs – all the time. I hope you all get to meet her someday!

I’ve never really asked, but I suspect that she doesn’t like having her picture taken. At least, that would explain why she flips me off whenever I point a camera at her. Maybe she thinks I’ll never be able to use the photos and she’ll never have to see them. Well surprise, Gaydi Bird!

Liner Notes: These pics are from 2002 thru 2013 and were mostly taken with point and shoots. The music is a tune I wrote back in the 90’s and re-recorded for this video. As Gaydi is into jazz, I tried to give it a bit of a jazz feel. Beatnik jazz is what I would call it (the name of the tune is “On the Boulevard”).


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