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The Red Barn - Final Chapter

The jams at the Red Barn enjoyed a good, long run. I’d guess they began around Y2K, but guess I must – because I wasn’t a part of the original group of friends that started that lovely tradition. I came in early though, but before I had a camera, so I don’t really remember the exact time frame. Anyway, in the beginning everyone was welcome to come and play; abilities didn’t matter. It was beautiful and pure then. Things tend to get mucked up with time though, don’t they? And eventually the Red Barn had its day. There was no celebration – because no one knew that we were at the last Red Barn jam when it was happening in 2005. Once again, a very big thank you is owed to Bill Hansen from all of us. The lease was his, and he was most generous with the space and his guitars. There are several videos in previous vlogs on this site relating to the Red Barn. If you haven’t seen them and are interested, hunt ‘em down and watch (and listen).

Liner Notes: Theses snapshots were taken with an early point and shoot. Altho, I have to take some of the blame for the lacking quality. But – hey – there was a bit of drinking going on in those jams… The tunes are two new ones. The reggae piece started out as a bluegrass/reggae thing and morphed into what you hear in the video. The second tune is kinda a 12 bar thing with a fun chorus (and a cool groove imho).


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