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Lisa's Cottage

In honor of Lisa Marie’s return to Stevenson for a visit (June-July 2018), I thought it might be cool to do a “welcome Home” video. So… here it is…

Lisa lived in her cottage for about 7 years, and the “gang” hung out there fairly often. It was a charming little house on Frank Johns Road in Stevenson, but Lisa made it quite homey and gave it the “Lisa Touch”. She moved to Vermont in July 2017 to be closer to family, and we still pine for her. LISA COME HOME. I must apologize to Richard, as I have virtually no pics after 2015-ish (that’s a story for another time), so he is sorely missing from any of these festivities.

Liner Notes: The pics in this vid are from 2011 to 2015 and taken with various cameras. I wrote the music specifically for this video – the tune is called “Summers at the Cottage”. Once again, I hope you enjoy…


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