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River Recollections

The Gorge and its name-sake river: The Columbia… It pushes thru the crest of the Cascade Mountain range at about 70’ above sea level. Mt Hood is to our south, and Mt’s St Helens and Adams are to our north. The Pacific Trail is only a couple miles to our west. So we are in the heart of the Gorge and the river is only about a quarter mile away from our home. The Columbia is “the reason for the season(s)” here in the Gorge. It has created drama not only in geography, but also our crazy weather. There was a time I spent many mornings on its shore during my walk abouts. This video captures a few of those moments and I hope you enjoy.

Liner Notes: The pics are all from 2011 – 2014 (the new dslr period). The music was written for this video and it’s my first attempt at a genre called “downtempo”. It is all synths with some loop-based percussion. I hope to explore this genre some more in the future.


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