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Jay Johnson Tribute

We lost Jay Johnson 15 years ago today (April 27, 2003). He was a husband and father, Stevenson’s Fire Chief, and locally quite well known (and loved). I knew him mostly from the Red Barn – where he was the keeper of the keys and an inspiration to play with. He was appreciative of those around him that had been playing longer and as such had more obvious musical abilities. He was also giving and encouraging to those of us that hadn’t played much in recent years. He was the Red Barn’s cheerleader and its heart & soul. The pics in this video are all from the Red Barn and Art’s Garage jams. I hope they convey both his intensity and his playfulness. We lost a good man 15 years ago: RIP Dear Brother!

Liner Notes: The pics are from 2002 and 2003 and were all taken with my first point and shoot camera. When I was showing Pat some of the pics I was going to use in the video, she reminded me that April 27 was also the birthday of her best friend – Chris Power Bain – who we lost at an early age as well. When I sat down to try and come up with some music for this video, I was channeling Jay and Chrissy, and this tune immediately began playing itself. I recorded it at the same time and used that take in the final mix. Recording and video production was finished up the following day. While not exactly the kind of tune I was looking to write for this video, the serendipitous manner of its birth combined with the fact that I rather enjoyed the juxtaposition of audio v video convinced me to use it. The tune is unimaginatively titled “April 27”.


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