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Pat’s 60th Birthday Weekend

In honor and recognition of Pat’s birthday today (4/7), may I present some pics from her 60th celebration in 2013. It was a weekend of surprises – although, no one actually jumped out from behind the curtains and yelled “surprise!” The surprises were gradual and began on Friday the 5th. Gaydi and Dew came from Seattle and LA respectively. They each just kinda “appeared” and yes, Pat was surprised. The rest of that day included most of the usual suspects on a Friday evening at the Hollow. On Saturday, various friends began showing up in the afternoon from as far away as Salem. The celebration lasted all day and into the evening. On her actual birthday, we were all a bit hung, so we kinda stayed on the DL. By Monday, the last of the visitors had left and we were left with some hazy memories. And these pics.

Liner Notes: Some of the pics were taken with the DSLR and some were taken with the point & shoot. Many of the pics from the party night ended up being quite blurry for some reason. The significance of the magnolia tree at the beginning and end of the video is that our tree blooms each year for Pat’s birthday (and for what it’s worth, it’s blooming now)… The music consists of 3 pieces that kinda depend on each other to stay afloat. Motifs from the song in the center provide the backbone for the two bookend pieces. That center song dropped on me during the musically fertile 2016 holiday season (I found around 6 tunes during a 3-day period, some of them are in previous videos). I had done scratch tracks for all of the song sketches at the time, and I mine those tracks every now and then – which is what happened here…


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