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(Not Exactly) Bluegrass 2013

This video celebrates the 19th annual Shippy Hollow tradition known simply as “Bluegrass”. The participants all understand the fervor associated with the event and hopefully, that enthusiasm actually translates to the video. On the other hand, it could also be one of those “You had to be there” things. Those that do participate always come back; the laughter is certainly contagious (but not the alcohol – I have it on good authority that alcohol is not addictive after all). Interestingly, over the years the actual Bluegrass Festival next door at the Fairgrounds has become less important than the “Hang at the Hollow” aspect. In fact, last year Pat and I didn’t see any of the acts perform on stage. And for the locals who might drive by during the last couple weeks in July, this is why all the cars are parked in our driveway and all the tents are pitched in our yard…

Liner Notes: The video is 11 minutes long (“epic” by my standards). 90% of the available pics weren’t used, so consider yourselves lucky. In the segment called “16 Miles with Marty”, Miles is the name of an absent camper who was brazen enough to send his dad along with some t-shirts branded with his likeness. Marty is Martin of Martin's Gorge Tours. For some reason, that day’s observers thought we were all from “a home”. Imagine that… The music in the video took me a month to write and record. And – well – it’s not exactly bluegrass. That BG shit’s hard to play! As always, I recommend headphones/speakers and I hope you enjoy it.


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