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Our Life with Sammy

Sammy was our child from March 2009 until when she died in September of 2015. When Pat’s brother – Dave - moved to Peru, he could only take one dog with him. For many reasons, he chose to take Bruno. One of the two remaining dogs – Charlie – went to be with our friends, Rich and Marla. Sammy came to live with us at about 9 years old, and it seemed she was afraid (or at least, skeptical) of EVERYTHING. Her idea of paradise was lying on her pillow in her home. Period. She didn’t like: going for walks, the car, the cat, anyone touching her feet, the camera, the hose, the hardwood floors, the cat (worthy of mentioning twice because she was really afraid - or at least, skeptical - of our cat, Smokey). And as you will see in the video, our girl is either on the pillows or at the beach. She didn’t ever go the beach willingly, but once she got there, she mostly enjoyed herself. She was, however, very “skeptical” of the ocean. We miss her.

Liner Notes: The early pics are from a point and shoot, and the later ones are from a dslr. I came up with the tune at the time we became aware of Sam’s mortality in May 2015. I re-recorded it (third version ?!?) for the video. I dare say it might be a bit too dramatic…


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