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Art's Garage

Art’s Garage was officially christened with its first jam on June 7, 2002. While the Red Barn was the “normal” hang, Art’s was a great change. He had it built with jamming (and his Harley) in mind: refrigerator, plenty of electrical outlets, climate control, couches, cool wall art. Most of the Red Barn jammers found their way to Art’s, so you’ll see some familiar faces. Theses pics span are from 2002 and 2005-2006. In 2003, all of my jamming pics are from the Red Barn (expect that video in the future), and I seem to have lost all of 2004’s jams.

Liner Notes: I used my first two digital cameras on these shots, and for consistency in production and for formatting reasons I elected to re-edit all of these pics in PhotoShop. The music is my playing and compositions, although the first tune uses a guitar loop and some percussion loops and the third tune utilizes a rhythm guitar loop. And yes, still using Logic Pro X as my DAW.


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