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The Red Barn 2002

The Red Barn in Stevenson, WA is literally "Down by the River"- the magnificent Columbia River. In the late 90's, friend Bill Hansen began leasing the barn from the Port of Skamania for his windsurfing business. A group of his friends began congregating there and eventually they started playing music. A mutual friend was playing there and he encouraged me to come down and hang, so I did. I met Bill and he immediately gave me the guitar "off his back" and wanted me to join in. I bought my own guitar a few days later. The Red Barn jams happened for 7 or 8 years, and they were joyful times. There will be more of these Red Barn videos in the future.

Liner notes:

New digital camera, meet Red Barn. I have hundreds of pics from this era (and these were the best I could come up with?). We were all so young... The music is me - I used Reason, and Logic as my DAWs. I had heard the singers loop about a year ago and knew what and where I'd be using it. The funk piece is from a kit, and I really can't take much credit for it.


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