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Seattle at Night

I bought my first digital point & shoot camera in the Spring of 2002. At about that same time Pat & I were in Seattle on a work trip for me. Our good friend, Gaydi, lives across the street from my office in downtown Seattle so we often stayed with her. One evening we took a trip across town - Gaydi and her dog, Perrito, rode shotgun in the van and I rolled about in the back. I started snapping pics and they were looking kinda interesting, so Pat drove around a bit. Photoshop came bundled with the camera, so when we got home, I thought I'd see what the deal was with the new program - I pressed every button and filter I could find, and the shots in this video were the result.

Liner notes:

As these were the first digital pics I ever took, I thought it might be appropriate to try out the new video software (Final Cut Pro X) using these shots. So along with naive photos, you get to see a video borne of the same kind of ignorance. I put the loop-based music together using Reason as my DAW.


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